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Successful Project Managers

Top 48 Project Management Tips – How To Really Manage A Project

1. Get clear about your role and your responsibility.

2. Make an assessment of whether the framework is realistic, both in time and budget, prior to accepting the project.

3. Find out as much as possible at the first meeting with the client or project promoter. Do you understand the purpose? What’s the status of the project inside the organization?

4. Ensure that project documentation is well-founded, and that it has management support and sufficient resources.

5. Gain knowledge of the subject and the client. It is necessary because you, as a project manager, have responsibility for the results and conclusions of the group.

6. Do not enter the project without proper planning.

7. Make a rough schedule together with the project team. This will get them involved and accept the time you planned. It’s also a more efficient way of working.

8. Do a risk analysis before the project starts. What can go wrong? Which backup can you have?

9. Make a project plan. A detailed requirements specification of the project, with the purpose, background, objectives and targets, milestones, constraints, resources and timetable. Include project organization, information, support and follow-up.